The Glorious Deep

Session Six

Making Plans, part 2

When sunset comes, Brandyn retrieves the Thermite from Pops and makes his way to the Eastern cable supports. He teleports right up to the huge cement placement puts the multiple charges he bought from Pops into the first four bricks and creates a glob that he hopes will cut the thick cable. Spyra guides him to where the radios are pinging against the ADAM's radar.

He moves to the next guy-wire placement, which is much closer to the fence, where patrols may see it. He positions the Thermite to obscure it from observation. He teleports out and returns back to the ADAM to wait for what's coming next.

Down in the pit, they are all called into the courtyard and a daily debrief is done. This is done under the floodlights that hang off the central control room that acts like an observation tower.

Dalanar has seen a large tunnel that isn't part of the Coalition construction. It was something that was exposed from the ancient blast. It was cleared of rubble when The Spire was first being built, but it is guarded with numerous horror stories about how it came to be. He describes the place to others so they know what to expect. He tries twice and guards call out to him to return to his quarters.

Raish chimes in that she can explain what the tunnel is when she gets topside and away from her Patrolmates.

Raish begins to take her break, coming to the surface with her two patrolmates while they hit the bar and she talks with the others. She doesn't have much new information, but explains the tunnel and that he people are not Dee-bees, but scientific anomalies meant to withstand a desperate future. What's under there was her home… but it's far too dangerous now with the madness The Spire created. Those who still had their senses about them, fled to the abandoned city under the cover of darkness nearly a year ago. They've haunted it ever since.

The players decide to attempt to understand what reversing the spire would result in after numerous conversations about taking a sky cycle and crashing it into The Spire itself. Another plan was to blow the guy-wires, then damage the flywheel's rail system to make the spire wobble, and send it into a catastrophic tumble. But only when it is moving at high speeds would this do the most damage, so they chose to reverse it instead.

Raish draws out the two other patrollers by using the ADAM as an ambush point. Spyra holds a gun on the clearly dee-bee Zixaks. And Raish leads them in. Brandyn assaults from behind, bringing the engagement close quarters and closing off the cargo hatch as they fall in. Zixaks puts a massive bolt through one of the patrollers and the other patroller surrenders after a lot of shouting.

He is convinced by the players (using an Adventure Card) to sounds alarms at the beginning of tomorrow night. He is allowed to stay in the ADAM, but Spyra locks it all down. Raish disposes of the body, in a way, and the armor and equipment is handed off to Spyra who now has a tight hole through her armor and has to deal with the blood soaked inside.

They move down to base, Raish taking the lead and being a flirt to one of the guards as she goes. She uses her chameleon skin to appear as the woman and does a good enough job that it keeps all three patrollers distracted while Spyra, Brandyn, and the invisible Zixaks move through the gate and make their way down.

They move their way through the bright spotlights and Raish raises a hand to a fellow deadboy and makes her way into the central command tower. She leads the team into the personal bunkers and they settle in.

Brandyn tells them he wants to investigate the Central Command tower itself to see if he can find what it would take to reverse the flywheel and, thus, the generator.

Raish comes up and begins talking with the officer on deck, asking about anything she should be looking at for patrols. She does a great job and sounding formal, but interested in the officer to the point where he's feeling good about giving orders.

Brandyn settles in with the bored looking Coalition Deadboy who is looking at a 3D holograph of the surrounding area. Red lights flash to show where Coalition radios are tracking to check on patrols and the grunts at the gate.

He asks how he can "get ahead" with and make a name for himself. The guy starts giving him some tips and he starts asking about alerts and warnings. "How did you get to know all of them?" "Well, you have to have access to them. And they've got to trust you." A few more well placed words and Brandyn gets a username and password that unlocks a second layer of more critical information, one of which is the operating manuals for The Spire.

They return to their bunks. Spyra gets the username and password from Brandyn and begins to research on her personal terminal before they have to go out for Graveyard patrols.


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