The Glorious Deep

Rift Tide

With two hours before they need to go on patrol, Spyra reviews as much of the materials as she can before her, Brandyn, and Raish have to leave.

They report in to go topside. Raish explains why Spyra, now "Julia", is taking the place of the other male soldier who is supposed to be going topside. They head up top and start the walk. They pass by the guy wires that are still covered in the Thermite that Brandyn placed earlier. The force is unaware of any tampering so their are still lvery lackadaisical.

Brandyn, Spyra, and Raish continue the path and get to Checkpoint Bravo which is on the South side of the compound. This is where a railroad pulled up to the edge of the crater and delivered materials for the construction of The Spire. The fence itself has been chained up and locked and all electronic observation devices seem to have been powered down. They run across an outbuilding that used to be a warehouse, but has now been repurposed as a vehicle hangar.

From the building runs some wires to a smaller version of The Spire. The prototype looks roughly built, but has all the same mechanizations. There are power cables running from it to the outbuilding. The building itself has a card reader that's glowing red. Power cables run along the back of the building and drop into the crater, being supported by to legged power poles that the wires are draped over.

Brandyn makes a plan to divert attention. He disables his radio so it doesn't appear on the sensor array. He sends Raish and Spyra ahead to the next point while he runs over to the chained gate at Checkpoint Bravo, slices open the chains with a vibro-knife and lets them fall open. He then runs back to the outbuilding, cuts the power conduits to the prototype, then cuts the power conduits that drop from the building into the crater. No alarms sound, but his vibro-knife's battery is shorted in the process. He then runs to meet up with Spyra and Raish and they start to wrap up their patrol.

Dalanar, the eight foot Cyborg, sneaks out of the barracks and finds the stairways that lead down to the second level where the Dee-bees are rumored to be held. Through the shadows, he sees three heavily armed and armored Coalition Specialists, they are unaware of his presence. He sees that the ceiling above is made of a sturdy metal. Up top, it is covered with dirt. It would be hard to know that anything was below here if he hadn't heard it from Spyra's research as well as rumors among the human civilians.

There are cages lining parts of the walls and there's a stench of death, sweat, and fear coming from those cages. There is a rancid Dee-bee hanging from the lower level command tower. A wooden plank with illegible words scrawled across it hang around the creatures distended neck. This is a lot different than the human facing presentation up above.

They are all in constant communication, and decide to initiate the plan early. On their way down into the crater, Brandyn gets line of sight on the tower and teleports himself, Raish, and Spyra in with guns drawn and ready. There are two Coalition grunts and an officer in the room. Two were unaware, while the Officier immediately began pulling his sidearm. Brandyn shouts them down and the two unaware Coalition soldiers put their hands above their head in surrender. The Officer doesn't get the gun up before Raish grabs him by the arm and presses him to the floor until he yields. It takes a few minutes to disarm them and remove their armor so they become soft targets.

Spyra settles in and starts getting herself familiar with the computer console. She uses the username and password she received earlier to elevate permissions, but it isn't quite high enough for all access. She can lock and unlock doors through different areas, but not cell doors on the level below. At Brandyn's command and with Spyra's help, Raish uses comms to send the remaining patrols to the South gate to investigate a disturbance in the power conduits.

Zigax becomes invisible using his abilities and slips through the door while the rest of the Coalition force climbs up the North side of the crater following Raish's command. Spyra watches through different cameras, following Zigax's invisibility cloak with infrared and watching Dalanar's back in the underground level.

Brandyn shouts at the officer, threatening his family and his position by explaining the this is a Coalition coup, and he's just another casualty in a power struggle borne of Chi-town elite.

"Give me your username and password, or I start to take a piece of you at a time." Brandyn shouts.

Raish looks at him hungrily, waiting for blood to spill. It takes only a moment more before he breaks and surrenders the information. Spyra uses it to immediately elevate her permissions and begins to shut down the alarm systems.

Zigax joins Dalanar down below, putting a spell of Smite on one of the Cyborgs fists. Dalanar gets ready to run in and beat down the three standing Coalition Specialists, but Zigax beats him to the punch by launching off four bolts that tear through the three soldiers, putting them to the ground.

The cells unlock by Spyra's command and a series of Dee-bees tentatively approach the gate.

"You're free to go. Coalition is in disarray and are heading South to an unknown threat. The way North is clear!" He shouts.

The Dee-bees start to make a break for the spiral staircase heading out. Some of them are in bad shape and a number of the dead and dying still dot the floor of the cell as they leave.

Zigax and Dalanar move into the lower level tower. Zigax looks for the geothermal generator finding maintenance shafts that lead that way. Dalanar leaps up the stairs to the command center and hears commotion from behind the door. He punches through the door then holds it up to act as another layer of armor, deflecting the hail of laser rifle fire that blasts through. He throws the door, hitting two, but only minorly. The third, a blond haired man, gets a robotic fist empowered with smite to the face. It punches clean through.

Dalarnar tells the remaining two to cease fire. One is determine to continue the fight while the other gets another round of fire off while he's trying to drop the laser assault rifle. Dalanar steps forward and rips the gun from the remaining soldier's grasp, nearly taking his fingers along with it. He reports that he has control of the tower.

Zigax finds the maintenance shafts leading to the top of the geothermal turbines and looks at the mechanism that powers it. He breaks off the padlocked and chained lever and moves it in time with the gears to reverse the piston direction, it slowly stops and starts spinning the other way. He leaves the area, radioing in that the gears have been reversed. He then jams the door so it won't open.

Brandyn sets up another broadcast and Raish says it over the comms. He triggers the Thermite on the two pylons and hope that it worked.

"We are being controlled remotely by an unknown assailant to the South, all units, move South, find them, and destroy whatever they're using to control The Spire."

A few of the grunts see that the grand flywheel of The Spire is starting to turn. Only one of them notices that the flywheel is turning the wrong way, but no alarms have sounded. It takes a while for the flywheel to get up to speed. Dalanar, Chris, and Zigax meet up in the main control tower and watch the stream of Dee-bee's leaving the crater.

"We're up to speed. Are you sure you want to do this?" Spyra asked Brandyn.

"Hit it, and we'll teleport out of here." Brandyn said.

Spyra engages the generator and it begins to fill magic energy into the faintly existing ley line. Both Zigax and Brandyn have this overwhelming feeling of power, similar to walking on a ley line. Brandyn gathers his will and teleports nearly a half mile with the focus. Zigax and Brandyn marvel at the bright glow of magical energy that doesn't reflect of cast shadows. To the others, it's still four in the morning and besides warping the night sky above, there isn't anything obvious about what is going on.

This is when they notice that one of the massive guy wires is bouncing off flywheel, creating a great shuddering twang with each time it falls against it. The second guy wire is still smoldering, but it hasn't broken yet.

They move toward Bluster on the road, trying to get back to the ADAM transport so they can get out of there. The magic users continue to watch as a second ley line forms over the first and a nexus of energy starts to emerge. It boils out in waves peeling back reality like petals off of a flower. The normals in the group are now taking notice. A wall of force pushes past them and it becomes harder to breathe from either a weight on their lungs or the air around them has grown thinner.

The dimensional bubble moves on ahead of them knocking over debris and the standing grasses and pushing out over the town of Bluster.

The second guy wire fails and swings back to The Spire, it catches hold of the flywheel and binds up instantly wrapping around the tower in a spiral for a brief second before unceremoniously tearing it straight down.

Just before the crashing sounds roll over the group, there's an overwhelming pop, like ears equalizing to pressure, and the bubble surrounding them disappeared showing high jagged walls. In the sky is a large green hued moon casting an eerie glow over the whole landscape. Deep shadows surround them with the looming walls. The walls crumble in places, falling from the overhang above them. Other parts of the walls around them begin to collapse spectacularly.

The entire fleeing force stops, taking a moment to look at the alien sky and realize how incredibly screwed they all are.


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