The Glorious Deep

Session Two

To Parts South

The next morning, she seems much better off with her wounds considerably less obvious. She offers her compatriots, Spyra and Knutson, to be by your side, if you are interested. Again, if the players aren’t willing to go, she’ll barter for it. Keep going South under you can investigate what the Coalition are up to. Knutson and Spyra are “unpledged”, as it were, but she trusts them implicitly.

One of the radiomen pull you aside on the way out and tell you that something more happened to the force moving South, he wasn’t sure what but there was likely a Bandit ambush in the Sunken City or a very unfortunate accident. If they don’t take the vehicle he hands them a Signal Catcher. If they do take the vehicle, it has a sensor array that allows them to key in a transponder handshake code.

The way South takes hours with the lumbering vehicle. The flatlands surrounding Beacon give way to rocky hills. Picking a path through the hills can take a long time. Anyone who takes a hoverbike can help navigate it so they can get to the sunken city by late afternoon. Otherwise, they might get there closer to sunset or dusk. They can make about 40 miles of progress that day with 80 if they scout ahead successfully.

They pick up the transponder in the hills. Only a direction and a sullen, continual beep.

On the other side of the mountains is another flat plain with layered and cracked mud. Their tracks are obvious with the FAT ADAM and the other tracks are obvious, too. This place is dry as dry can be and the winds whip up fiercely as the clouds dance, and form lightning storms, but it never rains. There are eddies of a ley line nearby but it seems subdued and lacks the character that allows one to draw directly from it. Magic users will feel this phenomenon.

The Sunken City looks ahead, crumbling edifices standing straight up toward the sky. Rebar and chunks of cement lay around the giants like shed skin. The ancient monoliths are hollow and gaping with clear signs that many have travelled through them, perhaps even made them a home. Inspection reveals that these are buried another one hundred feet below, and below that, who knows what else.

The sight comes up as the transponder’s lone beeps start to pick up in strength. The antennas on the vehicle triangulate it quickly, but the handheld sensor unit will take some effort to narrow down.

Several tracks converge on the most obvious route to a shadowy interior formed from some taller buildings with a fallen building, creating an acute slash across the skyline. The building husks aren’t that tall, but they’re a bit of a wonder in comparison to what the group is used to seeing. Chi-town likely has something formidable (and anyone who has been to Chi-town would think so).

Spyra and Knutson have been past this before, but never in it. It is considered haunted, if not just extremely unlucky, but the leader of the group who came here never had any credence in luck or the supernatural. It looks like he led his forces right to the heart of it.

Whether cautiously approached or not, the group sees something of a blood bath. If they look around and investigate close enough, they will see that the Legionnaires came in and camped, like Knutson mentions, but bandits came up on them at night.

There seems to be potential survivors. Footprints, some bare, some booted that are moving around the area. At some point, the fallen building the frames this artificial box canyon has a figure, what looks like a woman in Legionnaire garb with very long hair standing high above them, but deeply silhouetted.

Besides the bullet and energy weapons wounds on the Legionnaires. There are few bandits that lay in the mess while some have clear weapon wounds, some are slashed open. Heads with surprised faces are left or a torso without legs and arms. These are few and far between, but there are a number of working vehicles sitting in this hollow. There are signs of a struggle, but besides the dead Legionnaire’s and a few dead bandits, there’s no sign of others.

Investigative leads with raised notices would lead the group to realize that there is a third party involved in the slaughter.


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