The Glorious Deep

Session Three


Winds have hit a crescendo and lightning dances across the sky. The players look around in an attempt to seek refuge. One of the buildings, just to the right of the entrance of ths building's box canyon, shows signs of traffic. Inside, Reynard and two of his guards are taking up positions to fight back, but hold fire when they see the players.

There have taken shelter and are "protecting" a group of pilgrims turned vagrants. They have little more than scraps of clothes on their bodies and those things they carried by hand. Reynard has all but given up, the supplies they brought have run dry.

The players ask Reynard a battery of questions, but it appears that he avoided most of the fight as bandits collapsed in on their position. After he ducked into this building, the bandits were torn to pieces by something else. He didn't know this, though, he thought they just took what they wanted and left. He's happy to find that his vehicle is in working order out there, and that the transponder on the vehicle is still in working order.

The winds continue to howl and lightning sends sparks of lights all around. As the group begins to settle and while questions are being asked, a girl from the pilgrim's group tentatively interacts with one of the soldiers. It isn't long before he makes a bold move and takes her upstairs.

The magic users in the party begin to feel an extreme change in the environment. Their heads swim and a drawing aches seems to be siphoning their strength. One perceives that there is something far to the South drawing their energy from them. The others who are not magically inclined, including the Cyberknight, doesn't experience this.

There's a howl that erupts simultaneously from outside and deep below the buildings. There is a writing mass of magic energy below and it begins to boil to the surface. The magic users push back against the draw on their power. A woman with a coal-like skin comes from the stairs above. She's wearing the same scraps of clothes, the pilgrim girl was, but she stalks like a predator, now. Her face has blood on it, but it blends with her matte skin.

"They're coming. Prepare yourselves for a fight." She says, non-chalantly to the others.

Then positions herself at the top of the stairs, ready to attack. Dalanar stands behind and to the side of her, warily keeping his gun in a position where he could use it on her or whatever is coming up the central stairs.

Zixaks begins to run out into the storm to retrieve the ADAM. Beings like the girl begin to swarm around. They're all buzzing with different elemental energies: lightning, fire, cold. She begins to attack her own people that come at her and Dalanar cuts down others that approach.

Reynard and the remaining soldier, who wasn't eaten by the Dark One girl, stand the remaining pilgrims up. Preparing everyone to run, if necessary. Waves upon waves come from below and Zixaks brings the truck around and drops the cargo door. They all pile in with Dalanar and the Dark One girl holding her own.

She takes a hit and nearly goes down, but Dalanar blasts the remaining Dark Ones. Dalanar moves into the back of the vehicle and the Dark One girl tells him to blow the stairs once she's gone. She runs up the stairs and he collapses the central staircase before the doors raise and they disappear.

They begin to drive, with Zixaks trying to pick a path. They get high centered away from the heart of the action and see that there is no pursuit. They sit down and wait the storm out, resting until morning.


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