The Glorious Deep

Session One

Attack on Beacon

The bandit attack on Beacon rushed from two different angles. The angle the players took was put down before it started and the big boss that rode in the back of one of the light trucks with tacked on armor was dead before he made it out.

The vehicles were both wrecked. And everything stopped moving, but the sound of battle continues across a few of the shantytown scrap piles.

The bandits approaching from West, South-west met with Harriet’s team with a much larger force. The bulk of the force came in with a large vehicle backed by two additional vehicles. It was also heavily armored, allowing for a much more robust defense as it stormed the entrance. The massive FAT ADAM crushed a series of shanties and two vehicles, like the overland convoy cruises that the group faced flanked and then drove into the open fray leaving little time for Harriet’s forces to act.

They overcame, but Harriet is wounded with an unfortunate amount of both civilians and Legionnaires dead.

Harriet flags to the South, South-west where the forces came from. She states that the Coalition is doing something down that way and she came to investigate it by talking with others from the surrounding towns, the townspeople didn’t really trust her until she provided supplies without question or requirement. This event happened on her watch, but she has no idea if it is connected.

Review of the materials at hand would incline her to think that Coalition is acting very strange in supporting the surrounding populace that haven’t committed to the Coalition forces or rule. It’s not clear what the goal is and she asks, fervently for the group to investigate what’s going on.

There was a force of hers that was sent South that had a similar mission, but they’ve been radio silent for almost a week now. She sees that you’re formidable and would likely handle yourselves more appropriately. Plus, Legionnaire guidelines are less about meddling and more about observing and protecting. This might cross a line that may instigate more action by Coalition forces.

If they are willing to go, she offers to refit that large FAT ADAM MCU to help along the way. “You’ll have to find a way to explain where you got it if you run into Coalition forces. This isn’t something that would be easily attained in its current condition”.

She offers the players a night, living expenses paid in Beacon. The resources she’s brought to supply the city seem to be working a twofold job of paying for her liquor and maybe a little edgy fun.


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