The Glorious Deep

Session Four

The Morning After

Late last night, the magic user's no longer experience the pain inducing draw that wracked them. The noises on the wind died down, though they couldn't hear much through the storm and the thick walls of the ADAM.

The next morning, Dalanar and Chris get the ADAM back on all four wheels. They return to where the vehicles are and find that all the dead Dark One creatures that killed during the previous night have disappeared. There's almost no sign of a struggle outside of the bandit fight from both the player's and Reynard's initial encounters. The hovercycle that was with the two Legionnaire buggies is now missing.

Brandyn, and Zixaks formulate some opinions on what is occurring, with the generator being a potential factor. It has been disabled, but during the chaos, it got so hot that it scorched the floor of the ADAM.

Reynard and his remaining man take the pilgrims in the buggy and head back to Beacon. For some reason, you think he'd rather have died. Knutson goes with him, seeming to take charge of the way home and Spyra stays on with the players to help them figure out what's going on.

There is no sign of the Dark One girl who helped during the onslaught, but they do find the body of the other soldier who "got lucky". Blood is drained and some of his flesh was consumed.

They travel south for most of the day, coming into a series of canyons that slows progress for a bit. When they emerge, there are signals that Spyra begins to pick up in the ADAM's communications array. All of it is scrambled, but she can see many blips on the radar from active radion signals.

It becomes obvious that there's a large spire that splits the East and West, and it looks ahead of them. Just shy of a mile tall is a massive black spire with guy wires holding it up in four opposing directions. It isn't clear what it belongs to until they approach a very tall fence with three Coalition Dead Boys, sans helmets, sitting at a quaint little cement bunker with the words "RPRTR JOB SIGNUP".

They look nervous, exposed. There are camera lenses glittering all over the gate, pointing in different directions. They give the players a test that looks like it was designed for a 2nd grader. Dalanar and Chris take the test to get a job, while Zixaks, Brandyn, and Spyra stay in the vehicle away from observation.

Dalanar notices that the tablet has a camera and likely has taken a picture of them.

They head into town, find a place to park their behemoth, and visit the bar, The Blusterin' Tavern. They meet Baltar, the Law. He tricks Dalanar and puts an explosive on Dalanar to ward him off of doing anything dangerous. He takes everyone else's weapons.

From there, they meet Tamara who points them to the Inn that is tacked on to the back. They exit, Baltar apologizing, and taking the explosive, then head to the back where a rickety set of buildings offers a place to stay out of the heat or rain, neither of which are a problem right now.

When they get there, a woman in Dead Boy armor look at them and her eyes flash red.


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