Rustin Fortright

Mayor and City Planner


Well kept gentleman who has a calmness that seems well beyond his years. Pragmatic and straightforward.


Mayor and glorified City Planner Rustin Fortright is Tamara’s younger brother. He’s busy, overwhelmed even with the resulting influx of settlers that were denied entrance to The Spire. His work keeps him occupied to the point of being unable to see the forest for the trees. Has devised most of the processes in running a city from the ground up. He’d done so in order to save his own sanity. He has a small force of administrative assistants that help along the way.

Part of the Family Fortright who are the original settlers for the Bluster Ranch. Two of their other siblings died under mysterious circumstances (torn apart, nearly dry of blood) early on during The Spire’s groundbreaking and building process.

Rustin Fortright

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