The Glorious Deep

Session Five

Making Plans

The girl is the Dark One from the night before. She says her name is Raish.

She explains that she left the ruins the night before and sped down here on the hovercycle. She was able to "jump" the woman who's armor she is now wearing when the two men she was with went into the bar and she slunk off alone.  She gives some insight into what is going on here and that The Spire itself is a magical siphon that is driving magic users insane. Tamara said as much, saying a patron of her's head exploded when it went off the night before.

Before the bed down, They all regroup  at the ADAM and Spyra uses the radio that Raish got with the armor to find the encryption keys that she now has programmed into the ADAM. They establish an encrypted secondary channel to be able to talk among each other. Raish gets a call from the two other men she's assigned to patrol with. They come out of the bar and she joins them, imitating the girl's aloof distance that made her a perfect target.

The encrypted keys also give the ADAM access to the wireless network that is part of the facility's network. There are public drives that have basic information for the grunts and Spyra begins to farm all sorts of information from the system while the others sleep.

The next morning, after meals, Spyra briefs everyone on many different things, including patrol schedules for Samus operatiors, Sky Cycle operators, and foot soldiers that patrol along the five mile long fence. The communications are muddy and often disrupted by the radiation emanating from the craters, which is now assumed to be the result of a nuclear explosion.

There is a go live date for The Spire and it is coming in three days time. They have a map of the area, too, which is a survey map that was taken from a drone almost a year, when the project was first started. There are different emergency scenarios and preparedness guides that are publicly on the network explaining what one should do during those alarms. One of those alarms was a reversal of The Spire's generator. It is unclear as to what would happen, but they appear to be very worried about it.

Dalanar and Chris, going by the names Cramtane and Janji, head back to the front gate. They have been accepted as "workers" and are allowed to go throught he gate with an escort and head down into the crater. In the crater, there are numerous Dead Boys, but it isn't a prison camp. They feel like armed foremen with their weapons never drawn, but close enough for action.

Dalanar and Chris investigate the area. It is much bigger up close. They see the main control center with an overlook on a patch of ground below. There are flood lights dotting the locations beneath and a built up barracks on the spire itself. Steam hisses from the geothermal vents.

There are no Dee-bees working in their shift, but they know there are some down here due to some of the documentation that Spyra found with inventory of deviants and daily deaths.

Up top, Chris and Zixaks have to create a backstory to purchase explosives with the intention of taking down the spire. They plan to hit the support wires first. They talk with Baltar about the explosives who gets incredibly testy as he puts two and two together.

They then talk to Tamara who gets a whiff of what they're doing and explains how to go about getting weaponized explosives.

Tamara points them to Rustin, who then sells them a mining claim. He thinks it's laughable, since there isn't really anything out there, but the players seem convinced enough and he's find with taking their money. He gets a flexible contract with them and then points them to "Pops" who created the shaped charges that were locked to Dalanar in the bar.

After some negotiation, Pops creates eight bricks of Thermite with their "requirements for mining". He doesn't think twice about it, he just enjoys what he does.

After setting up the transaction, they head over to the bar, which happens just after noon. They wait for nightfall.


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