The Call

“The Coalition wants you to answer the call!”

Her breathless whisper rode on the winds and radio waves, it tugged at me every time I heard it.

“Help with work on the RPTR, the geothermic project that will provide free power to millions in the surrounding city-states through the Coalition’s own wireless power grid.”

They were promises from a despotic empire sung by the voice of an angel.

“This means you, your families, and even those outside the Coalition’s own grand cities can push back the coming winters with free and unlimited power provided by our united efforts.”

She paused, drawing you in, then, lowering her voice seductively, she continued.

“Debts, unfortunate incidents, will be forgiven for your services including immunity from lawlessness outside of Coalition cities. No questions asked. None. Come with your wits about you, the work isn’t easy, but I’ll make it worth it.”

It was a message that ebbed and flowed sweetly from the open comms and unencrypted channels. Her words were a siren’s call. From the moment I heard it, I dreamed of her. These lazy whispers on the wind as I motored across the wastes and the stunted forests.

Each filthy settlement seemed to have a man who had done his service, been forgiven and compensated by the brutish Coalition empire. Each lawless waster had brought with them the boon of tools and power generation that helped sustain each settlement that was on the brink.

Word spread as high profile criminals were released and made a show of it by shooting people dead without repercussion. Many went back to their lives of crime using their hefty purse to hire lackeys and expand their meager empires.

A working man could make good with this deal, though. I was a smoldering ember that had little else to do but to burn his mark into the scarred tissue of this landscape. A full purse and the coalitions blessing meant that I could travel further East and keep their watchful eye off of me.

All I’d have to do is survive.

Welcome to The Glorious Deep

This is a Savage Rifts adventure introducing many customized these and stories to The Rifts universe. It was a way to explore the mechanics of Savage Worlds in conjunction with Savage Rifts and potential branch into other scenarios as the players saw fit.

The Glorious Deep

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